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Our Style

When you see a woman in Pinch Gear, you’d better approach with caution.  With style that stuns and attitude that stops traffic, these fashions don’t just make a statement. They make an entrance. No matter what the occasion, Pinch Gear has just the right look for the modern, sexy, sophisticated woman. From flirty to formal, classic to sporty, all eyes will be on you. 

Create a brand new look from head to toe or mix and match to perk up last season’s favorites. Then add the finishing touches with Pinch Gear accessories and you’re ready to go out and stop traffic. 


You don’t even have to stop by in person to strut your stuff. All of our latest collections and coolest promotions are right at your fingertips. Shopping will never be the same again.


Whether online or in-store, customer service is something we take very seriously. Please let us know if there's anything additional we can do to help you.

Call 239.224.0026 Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm (EST)

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